Hydraulic Tool Test Stand


RTS have a fully equipped Laboratory to be able to calibrate all brands of Hydraulic torque wrenches to International Standards but understand that some clients have enough High Torque Wrenches in their fleet to warrant having their own equipment for service and calibration.

Being a specialist in all things torque RTS are pleased to be able to offer a range of Torque Testing Equipment that is certified to International Standards that enables users to be able to certify their own equipment and ensure full traceability for themselves and their customers.

List of Hydraulic Torque Tool Calibration Model
Part NumberImperialIntl System (SI)Metric
7000HYTDP-1K100-1000 Ft.lbs135-1350 Nm14-138 Kgf.m
7000HYTDP-2.5K250-2500 Ft.lbs340-3400 Nm35-346 Kgf.m
7000HYTDP-5K500-5000 Ft.lbs680-6800 Nm69-961 Kgf.m
7000HYTDP-10K1000-10000 Ft.lbs1350-13500 Nm138-1383 Kgf.m
7000HYTDP-25K2500-25000 Ft.lbs3400-34000 Nm346-3456 Kgf.m
7000HYTDP-50K5000-50000 Ft.lbs6800-68000 Nm691-6913 Kgf.m
List of Hydraulic Torque Tool Calibration Model
Part Number7000HYTDP-1K
Imperial100-1000 Ft.lbs
Intl System (SI)135-1350 Nm
Metric14-138 Kgf.m
Part Number7000HYTDP-2.5K
Imperial250-2500 Ft.lbs
Intl System (SI)340-3400 Nm
Metric35-346 Kgf.m
Part Number7000HYTDP-5K
Imperial500-5000 Ft.lbs
Intl System (SI)680-6800 Nm
Metric69-961 Kgf.m
Part Number7000HYTDP-10K
Imperial1000-10000 Ft.lbs
Intl System (SI)1350-13500 Nm
Metric138-1383 Kgf.m
Part Number7000HYTDP-25K
Imperial2500-25000 Ft.lbs
Intl System (SI)3400-34000 Nm
Metric346-3456 Kgf.m
Part Number7000HYTDP-50K
Imperial5000-50000 Ft.lbs
Intl System (SI)6800-68000 Nm
Metric691-6913 Kgf.m
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