AIR Single-Port Power Pack


Power Team Pumps have been continually up-graded for over 40 years; some of the originals are still in service! To meet market needs, PT Hydraulics and Power Team have modified the standard Torque Wrench Pumps, both Air and Electric powered. These new pumps still retain the famous 55 Series Pump but have a new valve to compliment the everlasting pump. The new valve is a single solenoid cartridge style 4 Position, 2 Way valve with an adjustable “B” port relief valve. The new pumps are set for single tool operation as standard however can be fitted with a manifold for 4-Tool operation.

Standard Features

  1.  Use where is preferred source of power
  2. Powerful 3hp motor parts stat under load
  3. External adjustable pressure regulator
  4. Retract side internal relief valve protects tool
  5. Use for double or single acting tools
  6. Pneumatic remote control with 25 Foot Cord


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