Square Drive 1MD


The MaxDRV Square Drive Torque Wrenches take on the toughest bolting jobs without missing a beat. They deliver precision torque during bolt makeup and maximum torque during bolt breakout.

They feature a compact design, constructed of aluminum – titanium alloy and super high-strength steel alloy for increased strength and durability while minimizing weight. a complete range of  models are available with torques ranging from 128 ft-lbs. to 1,282 ft-lbs.

Standard Features

  1. Alco Arms
  2. Extended reaction arms
  3. Reaction Sleeves
  4. Direct Hex Drives
  5. Square Drives

1MD Inclusions


Square Drive Dimension

Specification table
Product Classification Torque Tools
Name Square Drive 1MD
Torque Range (Ft lbs) 128-1282
Torque Range (Nm) 174-1738
Torque Range (Kgf.M) 18-177
Drive Size 3/4"
L1 145 mm
L2 175 mm
L3 85 mm
H1 50 mm
H2 73 mm
H3 97 mm
H4 132 mm
Width 92 mm
R1 26 mm
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