Dial Type


Dial torque wrenches are torque measuring tools have a dial readout; this enables the operator to read directly from the dial or as the torque is applied. The torque can be measured as it is applied or the maximum torque value can be recorded

List of Dial Type Model
Part NumberModelSquare DriveImperialIntl System (SI)MetricResolution imperialresolutions isoresolutions metricWeight
R010100SADS41/4"7–35 Lbf in0.8–4 Nm0.082-0.41 Kgf.m 1 Lbf. in.0.1 Nm0.01 Kgf.m0.5 Kg
R010120SADS81/4"14-75 lbf.in1.6-8 Nm0-1 Kgf.m 1 lbf.in0.25 Nm0.02 Kgf.m0.5 Kg
R010160SADS12A3/8"24-120 lbf.in2.4-12 Nm0.24-1 Kgf.m 2 lbf.in0.5 Nm0.05 Kgf.m0.5 Kg
R010140SADS12D1/4"24-120 lbf.in2.4-12 Nm0.24-1 Kgf.m2 lbf.in0.5 Nm0.05 Kgf.m0.5 Kg
R010180SADS253/8"48-240 lbf.in5-25 Nm1-3 Kgf.m10 lbf.in1 Nm0.1 Kgf.m0.5 Kg
R010220SADS403/8"72-360 lbf.in8-40 Nm1-5 Kgf.m10 lbf.in1 Nm0.01 Kgf.m0.5 Kg
R010300SBDS80A3/8"12-60 Lbf Ft16-80 Nm2-8 Kgf.m 1 lbf.ft2 Nm0.2 Kgf.m1.35 Kg
R010340SBDS1601/2"24-120 lbf.ft32-160 Nm3-16 Kgf.m2 lbf.ft2.5 Nm0.25 Kgf.m1.41 Kg
R010360SBDS2001/2"30-160 lbf.ft40-200 Nm4-20 Kgf.m 5 lbf.ft5 Nm0.5 Kgf.m1.41 Kg
R010520SCDS400S3/4"60-300 lbf.ft80-400 Nm8-41 Kgf.m10 lbf.ft10 Nm1 Kgf.m3.2 Kg
R010620SDDS800S3/4"120-600 lbf.ft160-800 Nm16-82 Kgf.m 20 lbf.ft20 Nm2 Kgf.m5 Kg
R010700SEDS14001"200-1000 lbf.ft280-1400 Nm29-143 Kgf.m 25 Lbf Ft25 Nm2.5 Kgf.m16.7 Kg
R010720SEDS20001"300-1500 lbf.ft400-2000 Nm41-204 Kgf.m 50 Lbf Ft50 Nm5 Kgf.m16.7 Kg
List of Dial Type Model
Part NumberR010100S
Square Drive1/4"
Imperial7–35 Lbf in
Intl System (SI)0.8–4 Nm
Metric0.082-0.41 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial1 Lbf. in.
resolutions iso0.1 Nm
resolutions metric0.01 Kgf.m
Weight0.5 Kg
Part NumberR010120S
Square Drive1/4"
Imperial14-75 lbf.in
Intl System (SI)1.6-8 Nm
Metric0-1 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial1 lbf.in
resolutions iso0.25 Nm
resolutions metric0.02 Kgf.m
Weight0.5 Kg
Part NumberR010160S
Square Drive3/8"
Imperial24-120 lbf.in
Intl System (SI)2.4-12 Nm
Metric0.24-1 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial2 lbf.in
resolutions iso0.5 Nm
resolutions metric0.05 Kgf.m
Weight0.5 Kg
Part NumberR010140S
Square Drive1/4"
Imperial24-120 lbf.in
Intl System (SI)2.4-12 Nm
Metric0.24-1 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial2 lbf.in
resolutions iso0.5 Nm
resolutions metric0.05 Kgf.m
Weight0.5 Kg
Part NumberR010180S
Square Drive3/8"
Imperial48-240 lbf.in
Intl System (SI)5-25 Nm
Metric1-3 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial10 lbf.in
resolutions iso1 Nm
resolutions metric0.1 Kgf.m
Weight0.5 Kg
Part NumberR010220S
Square Drive3/8"
Imperial72-360 lbf.in
Intl System (SI)8-40 Nm
Metric1-5 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial10 lbf.in
resolutions iso1 Nm
resolutions metric0.01 Kgf.m
Weight0.5 Kg
Part NumberR010300S
Square Drive3/8"
Imperial12-60 Lbf Ft
Intl System (SI)16-80 Nm
Metric2-8 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial1 lbf.ft
resolutions iso2 Nm
resolutions metric0.2 Kgf.m
Weight1.35 Kg
Part NumberR010340S
Square Drive1/2"
Imperial24-120 lbf.ft
Intl System (SI)32-160 Nm
Metric3-16 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial2 lbf.ft
resolutions iso2.5 Nm
resolutions metric0.25 Kgf.m
Weight1.41 Kg
Part NumberR010360S
Square Drive1/2"
Imperial30-160 lbf.ft
Intl System (SI)40-200 Nm
Metric4-20 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial5 lbf.ft
resolutions iso5 Nm
resolutions metric0.5 Kgf.m
Weight1.41 Kg
Part NumberR010520S
Square Drive3/4"
Imperial60-300 lbf.ft
Intl System (SI)80-400 Nm
Metric8-41 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial10 lbf.ft
resolutions iso10 Nm
resolutions metric1 Kgf.m
Weight3.2 Kg
Part NumberR010620S
Square Drive3/4"
Imperial120-600 lbf.ft
Intl System (SI)160-800 Nm
Metric16-82 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial20 lbf.ft
resolutions iso20 Nm
resolutions metric2 Kgf.m
Weight5 Kg
Part NumberR010700S
Square Drive1"
Imperial200-1000 lbf.ft
Intl System (SI)280-1400 Nm
Metric29-143 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial25 Lbf Ft
resolutions iso25 Nm
resolutions metric2.5 Kgf.m
Weight16.7 Kg
Part NumberR010720S
Square Drive1"
Imperial300-1500 lbf.ft
Intl System (SI)400-2000 Nm
Metric41-204 Kgf.m
Resolution imperial50 Lbf Ft
resolutions iso50 Nm
resolutions metric5 Kgf.m
Weight16.7 Kg
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