RAD Pneumatic Torque Tools

RAD Pneumatic Torque Tools

Product Information

The RAD Pneumatic Series of nutrunners are the most advanced pneumatic torque guns on the market today. With an accuracy of +/- 4% and repeatability of +/-2% all tools in the range have the highest power to weight ratio of any torque gun on the market.

The RAD Pneumatic Series is separated into several distinct categories that have been specially engineered to suit different environments and market requirements:

Standard Series – Designed for extreme duty use in a variety of industrial applications these torque guns are single speed units that stall on final torque. All RAD Guns are non-impacting and unlike rattle guns apply a smooth continuous torque eliminating destructive hammering and reducing operator strain and increasing productivity.

High Speed Series – Similar to the Standard Series of RAD Nutrunners the High Speed Series offers all of the same advantages of the best power to weight ratio of any tool on the market today coupled with an Automatic Two Speed gearbox. This gearbox is ideal for nuts and bolts with a long rundown as the high speed will run the fastener down at up to 5 times faster than a Standard tool and then once a snug torque is sensed automatically switch into the Standard Speed for controlled final tightening.

Wheel Nut Bolting Series – Designed specifically for wheel nut bolting as the name would suggest these tools and kits have been engineered to make life easier in the tyre bay. Incorporating a nose extension into the tool enables ease of access into the tyre rim whilst keeping the operators hands safely outside of the rim.

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