The RAD 15DX TV series are pneumatic tools with a built in transducer for torque verification. With strain gage technology, users can verify each bolt cycle on their application and are able to view real time torque on a tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth technology and have the ability to download all data.

Part Number: 22885

Standard Features

All RAD 15DX TV Torque Tools come fully calibrated complete with:

  1. RAD 15DX TV Torque Tool
  2. 12" Hose & Fittings
  3. Reaction Arm and Retention Ring
  4. Ergonomic Regulator Cage and Tool Holder

Radical Torque Solutions - RAD TV Series Kits


Rad 15DX TV Dimensions

Specification table
Product Classification Torque Tools
Name RAD 15DX TV
Part Number 22885
Drive Size 1"
Torque Range (Ft lbs) 300-1500
Torque Range (Nm) 400-2000
Torque Range (Kgf.M) 41-204
RPM 10
Weight (Kg) 4
noise Level 80
Dimension A (mm) 234
Dimension B (mm) 69
Dimension C (mm) 70
Dimension D (mm) 205
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