Digital B-Rad 1500-2


Introducing the World’s First Digital and Programmable Pistol Grip Torque Wrenches.

Part Number: 21787-A

Standard Features

  1. Lithium Ion Battery Powered
  2. Digital Display
  3. Unmistakable LED Pass/Fail lights
  4. Individually Calibrated and NATA Traceable
  5. Accuracy +/- 5% of reading

DB-Rad 1500-2 Inclusions


BRad 1500 Dimensions

Specification table
Product Classification Torque Tools
Name Digital B-Rad 1500-2
Part Number 21787-A
Drive Size 1"
Torque Range (Ft lbs) 150-1500
Torque Range (Nm) 203-2000
Torque Range (Kgf.M) 21-204
Weight (Kg) 5.3kg
noise Level 80Db
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