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    Engineered and assembled in Silicon Valley, the Mountz Torque tools are the most advanced hand tools in the world. Preset hand torque tools are ideal for fastening applications where operators repeatedly assemble parts at the same torque setting. These cam over drivers include a highly sophisticated locking mechanism, a sleek and ergonomic design, and a low-impact reset mechanism to deliver the highest level of performance and comfort available. Browse the selection of Mountz Preset Torque tools currently available through Radical Torque Solutions.


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    Modern, effective preset torque wrenches improve productivity by guaranteeing that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener. Preset cam-over wrenches are ideal for fastening applications where operators repeatedly assemble parts at the same torque setting. A preset wrench is similar to setting an alarm clock to signal the achievement of a selected time. The wrench is pre-set to the application’s required torque value. The tool signals once torque is achieved. A preset wrench doesn’t have an external torque adjustment scale. These tools have an internal torque adjustment mechanism for setting the torque value and preset using a hex key and a torque analyzer. The locking mechanism prevents accidental torque setting changes. Once the tool is set the wrench’s end cap is sealed with a calibration sticker and ready to be used. However, if the preset torque value needs to be changed for new fastening applications the flexible tool can easily be adjusted to a new preset torque value.

    Part No.ModelDrive SizeTorque RangeWeight KgLength mm
    R076565SFGC-51/4″8.9 – 44.2 lbf.in1 – 50.3198
    R076566SFGC-10D1/4″17.7 – 88.5 lbf.in2 – 100.3198
    R076567SFGC-10A3/8″17.7 – 88.5 lbf.in2 – 100.3198
    R076568SFGC-30D1/4″4.4 – 22.1 lbf.ft6 – 300.8352
    R076569SFGC-30A3/8″4.4 – 22.1 lbf.ft6 – 300.8352
    R076570SFGC-753/8″11.1 – 55.3 lbf.ft15 – 751.4445
    R076571SFGC-1251/2″18.5 – 92.2 lbf.ft25 – 1251.4445


    Innovative, ergonomic, sleek, stunning. In this revolutionary new precision torque tool line, Mountz has integrated industry-changing design improvements that boost accuracy, increase productivity, and dramatically expand longevity. These tools define performance. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO 6789: 2017 (+/- 6% of setting).

    Part No.ModelHex Dr (F)Torque RangeWeight gLength mmLabel Colour
    R076546SFG-8i1/4″0.8 – 80.09 – 0.9207132Blue
    R076551SFG-8i1/4″0.8 – 80.09 – 0.9207132Red
    R076556SFG-8i1/4″0.8 – 80.09 – 0.9207132Green
    R076561SFG-8i1/4″0.8 – 80.09 – 0.9207132Gold
    R076547SFG-20i1/4″2 – 200.22 – 2.26207132Blue
    R076552SFG-20i1/4″2 – 200.22 – 2.26207132Red
    R076557SFG-20i1/4″2 – 200.22 – 2.26207132Green
    R076562SFG-20i1/4″2 – 200.22 – 2.26207132Gold
    R076548SFG-40i1/4″4 – 400.4 – 4.5326160Blue
    R076553SFG-40i1/4″4 – 400.4 – 4.5326160Red
    R076558SFG-40i1/4″4 – 400.4 – 4.5326160Green
    R076563SFG-40i1/4″4 – 400.4 – 4.5326160Gold
    R076549SFG-125i1/4″25 – 1252.8 – 14.1326160Blue
    R076554SFG-125i1/4″25 – 1252.8 – 14.1326160Red
    R076559SFG-125i1/4″25 – 1252.8 – 14.1326160Green
    R076564SFG-125i1/4″25 – 1252.8 – 14.1326160Gold

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