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    RTS offers one of the most extensive ranges of high quality sockets and accessories on the market. With sockets available in drive sizes from ¼” – 2½” and in every configuration: standard 6 point, 12 point, square, double square, ‘‘torx’’ and in-hex you can be sure that we have the right socket to get the best out of your torque tool. In addition, we also hold a comprehensive range of impact extension bars, impact adapters and reducers.

    6 Point Impact Sockets 3/4″ to 2-1/2″ Square Drive


    4 Point Impact Sockets 3/4″ to 1″ Drive

    Impact Inhex Drivers 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ Drive


    Impact Tube Sockets 3/4″ to 1-1/2″ 6 Point Tube Drive


    6 Point High Torque Impact Sockets 1″ Drive


    Adaptors, Extensions & Uni-Joints

    Adaptors, Extensions & Uni-Joints


    We can help you find the right tool for your application

    Action High Torque sockets are specifically manufactured to suit high torque pneumatic and hydraulic wrenches. They are all the same length to alleviate offset reaction points, have thicker walls with their maximum torque rating stamped on them and are gold coloured for easy identification.

    These Sockets are available individually or as sets.

    1″ Drive
    SizeD2D1L2LDepthPart NumberSizeD2D1L2LDepthPart Number
    3054512185Semi Deep6055S0301-3/1654512185Semi Deep6055S030
    3254532285Semi Deep6055S032
    1-5/1654552285Semi Deep6005S110
    3554572285Semi Deep6055S0351-3/854572285Semi Deep6055S035
    3654582585Semi Deep6055S036
    1-7/1654582585Semi Deep6005S114
    3854612585Semi Deep6055S0381-1/254612585Semi Deep6055S038
    4154642785Semi Deep6055S041
    1-5/854642785Semi Deep6005S120
    4354682785Semi Deep6055S0431-11/1654682785Semi Deep6055S043
    4654723085Semi Deep6055S0461-13/1654723085Semi Deep6055S046
    1-7/854733285Semi Deep6005S128
    4854743285Semi Deep6055S048
    1-15/1658763285Semi Deep6005S130
    5058773585Semi Deep6055S050
    258783585Semi Deep6005S200
    5258793585Semi Deep6055S052
    2-1/1658793585Semi Deep6005S202
    5458823585Semi Deep6055S0582-1/858823585Semi Deep6055S058
    5558833585Semi Deep6055S055
    2-3/1658833585Semi Deep6005S206
    2-1/458864085Semi Deep6005S208
    6058894285Semi Deep6055S060
    2-3/858894285Semi Deep6005S212
    2-7/1658914285Semi Deep6005S214
    2-1/258934285Semi Deep6005S216
    6558954285Semi Deep6055S0652-9/1658954285Semi Deep6055S065
    70581024285Semi Deep6055S0702-3/4581024285Semi Deep6055S070

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