Reduce Your Bolting Time By Up To 300%

Make the switch from hydraulic wrenches to the E-RAD BLU torque wrench to save time and manpower.

RAD’s advanced electronic pistol grip tool with unique gearbox design and AC Servo motor technology has proven to reduce bolting time up to 300% as compared to conventional hydraulic wrenches. The E-RAD BLU makes it easy for one person to perform the operation, plus it’s so quiet that it’s perfect for confined spaces.

The RAD Electronic BLU series uses a patented gearbox design and the precision of an electric AC Servo motor to deliver a smooth and continuous torque. But best of all, it’s the most affordable system on the market.

The E-RAD BLU comes with a touch control case, which provides an easy to use interface that allows for pre-selectable presets, quick error-free torque and angle adjustments, complete with re-calibrations as well as data logging everything for easy export into spreadsheets on your laptop.

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