Why Hire?

Providing access to the latest technology in torque tooling, our hire fleet offers a wide range of fully serviced and calibrated equipment. The range available means you can select the most suitable model for your application. It also eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment for a one-off project.

Some customers hire controlled bolting equipment to have on stand-by during time critical projects to supplement their own tooling. This reduces the risk of a single point failure during an important job, which can be costly and cause significant delays.

Hire is also a great way of trialing torque equipment prior to purchase. Torque equipment is an investment and it is important to ensure you get the right torque tool first time. Hire allows the operator to familiarise themselves with the tools capabilities and be confident that the equipment is suitable for their needs.

Whether it be Hydraulic torque tools, Pneumatic torque tools or one of our battery or electric torque gearboxes Customers can be assured they are receiving the right bolting equipment for the job by consulting with our in-house technical team. Support is available before, during and after your project to ensure you receive the right equipment and on-time at your nominated location. All aspects of hire can be arranged for you, so it is one less thing to worry about during a complex project.

So, why not consider hiring torque equipment for your next job?

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