Why is Torque Important on Firearms

Put simply, if a bolt is not done up tight enough it may experience varying loads during loads during use which eventually cause breakage. If done up too tight, it may fail during the tensioning process. Therefore we need to find a value in between that we can work with.

Ok…..So what has this got to do with firearms??? Many firearm parts are held together with bolts with the most obvious being the action attached to the stock. The requirement to attach the scope basis to the action and the scope rings to both the scope and bases is also vital. It is vital that these parts in particular are torqued to spec.

We at Radical Torque Solutions with over 20 years torque experience went into the field and did our homework – we found that many firearms were not at the manufacturers recommended torque settings. Therefore we are delighted to produce this ULTIMATE SHOOTERS KIT which will aim to cover all bases. Being extremely user friendly and having allowance for interchangeable tools and parts this really is the kit FOR ALL shooters.

25gx-upright - Radical Torque SolutionsE-RAD 2000 - Radical Torque Solutions